セルフチェックイン・アウト機のご案内 【Information about self-check in/out kiosk】








④ 泊数、人数、部屋数など予約時の登録内容から変更がある場合。

One Harmony会員様へ


②One Harmony上位会員様(エクスクルーシィヴ、ロイヤル会員)は、フロントにてお手続きをお願い申し上げます。



For the purpose of improving convenience for our guests, we would like to announce the introduction of a “Self-Check-in/Check-out kiosk” which will no longer require at the reception counter. With using the Kiosk, the customers who make payment with cash or credit card are able to check in/out smoothly at peak hour.

This kiosk is not available for the following customers. Please come to the front desk to check in/out. We apologize for any causing you inconvenience.

1. The customers who wish to make payment with E-money (prepaid transportation cards such as Suica),QR code payment and any types of vouchers.

2. The customers who are planning to stay more than one night and made reservations through different websites. For instance, making a reservation with R website for the first night and second night with J website.

3. The customers who reserve more than one room; with the kiosk you need to check in/out one by one.

4. The customers who need to change your reservation details such as the length of stay, the number of people and the number of rooms.


To the members of One Harmony

1. If you have not claimed that you are a member when you made reservation, please present your membership card to our front desk agent for accumulating points and stay history.

2. If you are an Exclusive or Loyal member, please come to front desk for check in.

3. If you wish to use points on your card, please ask help for our front desk agent.



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